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Performing pieces, both musical and prose-ical, Sally lovingly celebrates a goof and flaw-filled life as designated care giving daughter to a manic-depressive mother, as she honors the medicated Matriarchs, who handed down their love of family, big thighs, and wack-a-doodle DNA.


The Mental Yentl® Book and CD Available Now!

The Mental Yentl®

"Songs and Stories From
a Lifelong Student of Crazy"

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Mental Yentl Book and CD

The Book


Get ready for one, heart-felt and hilarious book, as Sally recalls the crazy events that inspired her most successful and most requested songs. From her very beginnings on Chicago’s Southside to her years as a solo artist, and a founding and touring member of that marvelous musical comedy theatre troupe, THE FOUR BITCHIN’ BABES, Sally chronicles her comical, goof- and flaw-filled life—as a musician, two-time wife, M&M-addicted mother of three, and designated, care-giving Jewish daughter of a difficult Manic Depressive mother—Sally celebrates the insanity of the ordinary…the angst of the extraordinary…and, in short, honors the medicated Matriarchs, who handed down to her their love of family, big thighs, and wack-a-doodle DNA. You’ll find forty essays, stories, family (secret!) recipes, and thirty-three song lyrics. Each song lyric follows the story that motivated Sally’s songwriting.

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The CD

The CD


You can think of Sally’s DOUBLE-DISC CD as the gloriously virtuosic (and often, down-right funny) sound track to her new book—or, on its own, as a gorgeously inspirational and melodically epic tour de force. Either way, the 34-song anthology is an invitation to binge (listen with or without chocolate). Fans will recognize several newly-recorded versions of all-time favorites and will treasure the lilting and uplifting beauty of her new songs. A maverick pianist and guitar player and a powerhouse of a vocalist, Sally invites us, with her combination of tender ballads, soaring anthems, and kick-in-your seat musical punchlines, to sit up and listen, take stock in our lives and with bravado, applaud the crazy in our worlds.

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The Mental Yentl® book and CD are published by GreenFingers Music and Press

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Sally Fingerett is a contemporary songwriter and performer who has released five solo CDs and has contributed songs to over fifteen musical compilation recordings.

“One of the best lyricists on the singer/songwriter circuit” The Chicago Tribune

“What is Sally Fingerett about? Intelligent, lyrical songs, nimble fingered guitar and piano stylings and a lilting voice that skips down the path of lovely melodies." Performing Songwriter Magazine

The Four Bitchin' Babes

Sally Fingerett is one of the original founding members of the national touring musical comedy theatre group THE FOUR BITCHIN’ BABES, she appears on all nine cast recordings spanning over twenty four years.

Peter, Paul & Mary Lifelines

Sally Fingerett is an award winning songwriter. Her song “Home Is Where the Heart Is” has been recorded by the legendary folk trio Peter, Paul & Mary. Many GLBT choirs throughout the US have added this song of compassion to their repertoires. As a commercial composer, Sally has written music for radio and TV, in addition to commissioned works for theatres and philanthropic galas.

Not Your Mother's Book On Home Improvement Life's a Stitch

Sally Fingerett is a published author whose work can be found in magazines, journals and books like, Life’s a Stitch, a Random House collection of contemporary women’s humor, with Gloria Steinem, Erma Bombeck, and the late Molly Ivins.  Also, in a brand new comedy essay compilation, Not Your Mother’s Book . . . On Home Improvement by Publishing Syndicate, owned by the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series writers.Last but not least, of course, is her brand new release, The Mental Yentl - Stories From A Life Long Student of Crazy.

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